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Benefits of clear aligner braces you might not have considered

Many adult and older teen patients choose clear aligner braces at our Chester Hill, NSW clinic because of their nearly invisible appearance. But the benefits of straightening teeth with this orthodontic option go far beyond the color of the dental trays. Here are three benefits of clear aligner braces many patients may not have considered. 1. Gentler on Teeth and Gums With a mouth full of wires and brackets, as...

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Should wisdom teeth be removed?

This is a very common question amongst our patients, and there is no simple answer. It depends on how severe and frequent your symptoms are, and how much these symptoms are affecting you. There are only TWO reasons why we would remove wisdom teeth: Recurring infections due to a partially erupted wisdom tooth (this is because it would be almost impossible to clean!) Potential damage caused to healthy molar teeth from an erupting...

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