Digital Dental Implant SurgeryDigital Dental Implant Surgery

Digital Dental Implant Surgery at LN Dental for More Comfortable, Reliable Results

It can be devastating to lose a tooth. Missing teeth can be tough on your self-confidence—and not replacing missing teeth can put your healthy teeth at risk. At LN Dental in Chester Hill, NSW, we recommend dental implants for the most reliable, stable way to replace one or more missing teeth. We use digital dental implant surgery to help our patients with more successful outcomes. 1, What Is Digital Dental...

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Rapid Palatal Expander

How Rapid Maxillary Expansion (RPE) Now Can Mean Avoiding Surgery in the Future

With today’s early orthodontic treatment, such as rapid maxillary expansion (RPE), we can correct issues with the upper jaw in youngsters so they can avoid the need for surgery later. Palatal or maxillary expanders help expand the upper jaw during childhood, providing the following benefits: They can correct a crossbite. When kids have a narrow palate, the upper teeth bit inside the lower teeth rather than the upper teeth closing...

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