Great Must-Follow Tips for Your Smile

Protecting your teeth is the key to long-term oral health and an attractive smile. And protecting your teeth can mean anything from precautionary practices during contact or ball-oriented sports to strengthening your enamel against cavities, from whitening your smile professionally to visiting the dentist on schedule. Your dentist in Clifton Hill, NSW is here to provide you with the best tips and practices to help you achieve and maintain a...

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Best Ways to Eliminate Sugar Cravings

We know that sugar can be very addictive. A candy dish in the office and you’re reaching for a piece periodically throughout the day. It adds up across the week. Too much sugar is not only bad for your health and waistline, but it may also impact your teeth, leading to cavities at any age—cavities aren’t just for children. Adults can get cavities often. In some cases, they don’t even...

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