mouth breathing

How Mouth Breathing Affects Health and What You Can Do

Mouth breathing is associated with sleep-disordered breathing and may be more common in children. It can be obstructive in nature, a matter of habit or both. When left untreated, it plays an important role in oral and physical health and can contribute to daytime fatigue. Your dentist in Chester Hill is here to help diagnose and treat this condition. Mouth Breathing Causes and Diagnosis Habitual mouth breathing may be linked...

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Tooth cavities

How Your Dentist Can Protect Your Teeth with One Extra Step

We know that cavities can affect children, but did you know that adults are also vulnerable? Tooth decay is an issue that knows no age. Fortunately, your dentist in Chester Hill can take measures to lower your risks, including the application of our safe-for-all-ages fissure sealants. What Are Fissure Sealants? Your dentist applies a plastic-like coating to your back teeth to protect against tooth decay. The sealant forms a hard...

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the evolution of dentistry

How Dentistry Has Evolved Through the Ages

Dentistry dates back centuries and has been with us for longer than we might think. Ancient texts, dated from 5000 BC, tell us that our ancestors were looking for ways to deal with and prevent tooth decay—and it was painful. Today, dentistry is virtually painless, and your dentist in Chester Hill has the technologies to provide relaxing and easy dental treatments.  Let’s look at how dentistry has evolved through the...

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