6-Step Porcelain Veneer Procedure For A Perfect Smile

Dental porcelain veneers are a highly successful solution to restoring a perfect smile by placing an extremely thin custom-made shell that is astonishingly lifelike in appearance on the front of the natural tooth.

Veneers are a widely popular solution to correct any flaws in a person’s teeth; hence it is the number one procedure in cosmetic dentistry today. This method is a perfect alternative to the previously dated dental porcelain methods thanks to its outstanding traits: no pain, minimal tooth preparation, and no root canal treatment. So what exactly goes into a porcelain veneer procedure?


On the first appointment, you will first be examined and get your entire set of teeth X-ray’d. Our dentists will then give out a detailed treatment plan after thorough examination like tooth decay, gum disease, etc…and the number of teeth that need restoring is determined.

Dental Cleaning

After the overall examination, the dentist will provide you with an estimation of number of teeth that need restoring, treatment time, cost etc. You will then receive a thorough dental clean by professionals to get rid of calculus and plaque on the surface of the teeth.

Teeth Preparation

Teeth prep includes the polishing of the teeth to eliminate tooth structure from the teeth. This is done by a dental drill to remove small hinges and supposedly causes no pain or negative impact on the well being of the natural tooth. Next up, a mold of your teeth will be made by using the 3shape 3D software that calculates the most precise numbers.

Porcelain Veneer Design

The teeth mold will then be sent to the laboratory where it will be simulated by the design software 3D CAD/CAM and later on manufactured. Our technicians use this mold to form the perfect replica of the teeth. During the waiting period, the customer can wear provisional veneers that are bonded onto the foreteeth.


After the lab completes the veneers, we bond them to the teeth and make sure they fit evenly and well-proportioned. This process requires etching of the teeth and the interior of the veneers to open pores in the surfaces. The dentist then places a see-through cement to position the veneers. Lastly, the doctor will examine the pressure bearing capacity of the teeth and the aesthetics of the veneers.

Final Step

Follow-up appointments can be made for future adjustments that might be needed. Otherwise, you will be instructed on how to take care of your dental health at home so that the porcelain veneers maintain long-lasting.

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