Tooth Implant Surgery Aftercare (Part 2)

In Part 1 of Tooth Implant Surgery Aftercare, we touched on some of the ways that you can take care of your site after your operation has been performed. We need to stress the importance of aftercare during this post-operative period, as it is imperative to your road to recovery.

Here, we will finish the list of ways that you should be caring for your tooth implant after surgery.

Ensure you get enough rest

For 2-3 days after surgery, avoid strenuous activities such as going to the gym or playing in team sports. It is also a good idea to avoid overheating baths or saunas. These types of activities should be avoided as physical exertion can encourage bleeding at the site.

Most importantly, try to rest as much as possible during the day and get 6-8 hours of sleep a night. When sleeping, you should raise the pillow slightly.

Keep warm, avoid the cold, and protect yourself against any airborne viruses that could give you a runny nose or compel you to sneeze. These may be minor inconveniences but after you have had surgery, they may directly affect the incision and the initial healing process.

Follow up and proper oral hygiene.

Do not brush around the surgical area for 24 hours after surgery to avoid irritating the wound. You can rinse 1-2 minutes after eating.

Pay attention to your oral hygiene. As you would normally, brush your teeth every morning and evening, and rinse several times with a mouthwash solution after meals to avoid infecting the wound. Rinsing and spitting should not be vigorous.

Carefully clean the area of the surrounding teeth. It will be best to use dental thread properly so that the adjacent teeth do not decay.

While this may not be ideal, try to avoid moving your muscles around the surgical area greatly. Try not to laugh or talk regularly for three months after surgery to avoid excessive movement of the cheeks, which may tear the wound.

Book a re-examination under the dentist’s instructions

From the implant to the aesthetic, the success in the dental treatment and aftercare is dependent on good cooperation and communication between the patient and the dentist. The regular visits must be continuous for as long as the implant is in your mouth.

Apart from the periodic re-examination according to the doctor’s instructions, the patient and any family members should try to keep an eye on the implant and the wound’s condition. When there is a problem with the implant, it is important to act fast and inform the doctor, who will be able to address and resolve the concern as soon as possible.

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By closely following all our recommendations in Part 1 and Part 2 of our tooth implant surgery aftercare series, we hope that you are equipped with enough information for a relatively painless and fast recovery process.

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