Clear aligner

How Clear Dental Aligners Work

Clear dental aligners at LN Dental Chester Hill are designed to straighten your smile without drawing attention to your teeth with metal wires. Clear Aligners is an ideal treatment for older teens and adults who are looking for a straighter smile, discreetly. 1, Deciding on Clear Dental Aligners at LN Dental Chester Hill, NSW The best course is to schedule an exam with your dentist to learn whether clear dental aligners...

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Benefits of clear aligner braces you might not have considered

Many adult and older teen patients choose clear aligner braces at our Chester Hill, NSW clinic because of their nearly invisible appearance. But the benefits of straightening teeth with this orthodontic option go far beyond the color of the dental trays. Here are three benefits of clear aligner braces many patients may not have considered. 1. Gentler on Teeth and Gums With a mouth full of wires and brackets, as...

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