Children Dentistry And Stories You Must Know

Here’s what you need to know about caring for baby teeth and making trips to the dentist at LN Dental for an enjoyable and rewarding experience for both you and your children.

Baby teeth are still present, however, adult teeth erupted right behind it, is it ok?

Adult teeth usually grow behind baby teeth as in the photo. If the adult teeth are close to the baby teeth, the baby teeth will be mobile. However, if the adult teeth are far from the baby teeth, then the adult teeth will be firm.

Depend on the case, the doctor may advise having baby teeth removed. After removing the baby teeth, the adult teeth will shift back into the right place in about 3-4 months. Please do not advise your child to push these teeth out with the tongue as it will cause open bite and spacing problems.

Is it painful to have baby teeth removed?

Answer: The removal of baby teeth involves very little to no pain at all. Children are generally afraid of having baby teeth removed because they are unsure of the pain that is involved, the unfamiliar environment of a dental clinic, the needle itself, or for first-time patients, the dentist!

For that reason, we recommend parents take their children at an early age (generally from 3 yrs) to familiarise them with the dental environment. Parents should also prepare their children at home and explain in simple words what a dental visit involves. Most importantly, parents should always be honest about what their children can expect to happen when they receive treatment. By being honest, children have a slight understanding of what they can expect once they go visit the dentist.

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