Foods that May Help Prevent Cavities

Many believe that only children get cavities or that cavities can be outgrown. Unfortunately, even adults can suffer from tooth decay, which is why we emphasize preventive dentistry in Chester HillPreventive dentistry has been shown to lower your risks for cavities and other oral health conditions preventive dentistry coupled with an excellent oral care routine. 

However, there may be additional steps you can take to lower your risks as well, including mindfulness in the foods you eat and the beverages you drink. 

food and drink for your smileFoods and Drinks for Your Smile

The following foods and drinks may help promote a cavity-free smile: 

calciumCalcium: Calcium is found naturally in dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt. If you’re concerned about fat content, you can indulge in low-fat dairy. Other sources of calcium include green vegetables like broccoli and nuts. Calcium may build your bones as well as help strengthen your teeth.

vitamin-b-and-ironVitamin B and Iron: Whole grains help promote bone and teeth health, especially grains that include magnesium. Good sources of vitamin B and iron include bran, whole-grain cereal, brown rice, and pasta.

FibreFibre: Fibre keeps the saliva flowing, which can help remove acids and sugars from the teeth—acids and sugars that can promote dental cavities. Fibre-rich foods include bananas, raisins, beans, peas and sprouts. 

waterWater: Hydration is necessary for your gums and your teeth. It helps wash away acids and sugars and prevents dry mouth. 

Other Tips

If you do indulge in sugars or acidic foods and beverages, try adding another brushing and flossing session to your routine. And remember, it’s important not to fall asleep with bacteria, sugars and acids on your teeth. 

Even if you eat right and cut back on foods and drinks that are bad for your teeth, you should still visit your dentist in Chester Hill regularly for dental exams and teeth cleans. 

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