How Are Same-Day Crowns Made?

If you have ever gotten a dental crown in decades past, you probably remember the experience took a couple of trips to the dentist. At the first appointment, your dentist prepared your tooth and made an impression of it to send to an outside lab for fabrication. You had to put up with an awkward temporary crown for a couple of weeks while you waited for your permanent crown to be made.

Anyone who still has dental crowns from those days also knows that an unattractive dark grey ring forms along the edge of the crown near the gum line from the metal that was used in these types of crowns.

At LN Dental Centre, we use state-of-the-art technology to create all-ceramic dental crowns in just one visit. Your tooth is prepared and your permanent crown is placed on the same day. The entire process only takes about an hour and a half.

How Are Same-Day Crowns Made?

A same-day crown is a restoration that is made in-house by our dentist using computer-aided design software. The end result is a strong restoration that will look and function very much like your natural tooth.

Using our state-of-the-art computer-assisted design software, we will make an impression of your tooth. This is sent to our in-house milling machine, where a perfect-fitting dental crown is made while you wait. Dr Nhan will be able to fit you with your permanent crown the very same day.

Just because it is quicker to design, produce and place this type of dental crown, this doesn’t mean you’ll be sacrificing durability or aesthetics. In fact, because we use only ceramic in the fabrication process, you won’t have the tell-tale metal ring at the bottom of the crown.

When Is This Type of Dental Crown Used?

Same-day dental crowns are used in the same situations that a traditional dental crown might be used, including:

  • To repair a broken or fractured tooth
  • To save a tooth that has too much decay for a filling
  • To finish off a dental implant
  • To hold a dental bridge in place
  • To strengthen a tooth after root canal treatment

Getting a dental crown in Chester Hill, NSW, doesn’t have to be a hassle with the latest in dental technology. We invite you to call our surgery to find out more.

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