How Clear Dental Aligners Work

Clear dental aligners at LN Dental Chester Hill are designed to straighten your smile without drawing attention to your teeth with metal wires. Clear Aligners is an ideal treatment for older teens and adults who are looking for a straighter smile, discreetly.

Deciding on Clear Dental Aligners at LN Dental Chester Hill, NSW

The best course is to schedule an exam with your dentist to learn whether clear dental aligners will work for your unique orthodontic issues.

Typically, clear dental aligners at LN Dental Chester Hill are designed for mild to moderate crooking, gapping and overlapping, but your dentist will give you a better idea of whether this therapy is right for you following your exam.

Clear aligner

How Clear Braces Work

We create clear aligners based on an impression of your smile. These aligners fit snuggly but comfortably over your teeth, and they should bring your smile in line over a period of months (up to two years, in some cases). You change the aligner according to your dentist’s schedule and work through the series of dental aligners over a predetermined period of time. You can watch each week as your teeth gradually straighten, which can be exciting!

Clear alignerTypically, you wear your aligners for 22 hours each day, but you can remove them during your oral hygiene routine or when eating. This benefit helps with your brushing and flossing routine, and it keeps food from becoming lodged in your aligner.

Wearing your aligners according to your dentist’s schedule is crucial to your results. If you misplace an aligner, we encourage your call.

When you reach the last aligner in the series, your dentist fits you with a retainer to help keep your teeth in their new positions.

Clear aligner

Are You Considering Clear Dental Aligners at LN Dental Chester Hill, NSW?

 If you’re looking for clear dental aligners to straighten your smile, we welcome your call. To book an appointment, reach out to the team at LN Dental today! You can get in touch by calling (02) 9644 1499 or filling out a contact form. We’re open from 9 am to 5 pm all seven days of the week, so we’re here if you have a pressing need that needs to be seen.


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