How Dentistry Has Evolved Through the Ages

Dentistry dates back centuries and has been with us for longer than we might think. Ancient texts, dated from 5000 BC, tell us that our ancestors were looking for ways to deal with and prevent tooth decay—and it was painful.

Today, dentistry is virtually painless, and your dentist in Chester Hill has the technologies to provide relaxing and easy dental treatments.  Let’s look at how dentistry has evolved through the ages. 

Ancient Times

ANCIENT-DENTALIncisors aged at approximately 13,000 years were found in Tuscany. These teeth show crude fillings made of stone. Other examples of ancient dentistry date back 9,000 years. At least nine people unearthed in Pakistan show dental cavities filled with beeswax. 

The Birth of Modern Dentistry—1700s

the evolution of dentistryMany of today’s treatments and technologies find their origins in the 1700s. This century brought us dentures and more modern prosthetics. It was during this time period that the link between tooth decay, sugar and acid was first considered. 

Dentistry Develops—1800s

the evolution of dentistryIn the 1800s, we saw dental schools and studies come into dentistry. Toothpaste and other dental instruments also began production. The 1800s was also the age of extractions and teeth cleanings though the tools were primitive compared to today’s instruments and technologies. 

Lidocaine and Drills—1900s

the evolution of dentistry

By the 1940s, dentists used lidocaine to numb the treatment area, allowing for an easier dental experience for patients. It was during this same century that a more modern drill came into play, allowing dentists to remove decay more efficiently. However, a dental drill from the 1900s is primitive compared to today’s precise technologies and handpieces, which are electric and far less jarring or invasive.

Modern Dentistry in Chester Hill, NSW

dentalToday, patient’s enjoy relaxing dentistry and all the modern conveniences that the field has to offer. Your dentist in Chester Hill offers sedation and precise instruments for an optimal dental experience. We also emphasize preventive dentistry, which can keep your smile healthy for life. If you would like to arrange your next dental check-up, we are here to talk to you. 

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