How Long Can You Get Implant After Tooth Extraction?

The implant is the best solution to restore the lost teeth without damaging the surrounding teeth, safety, and durability. After tooth removal, most patients expect to implant as soon as possible to restore chewing function and aesthetics.

How long is the soonest time as possible? The answer is depending on the condition of each patient, infectious status, bone problems at the transplant area…Therefore; there are the following situations:

Case 1: The immediate implant

The advantages of this option are:

  • Reduce the duration of treatment.
  • Limit a decay of alveolar bone
  • Fewer surgical intervention.
  • If teeth are lost for a long time, the gum tissue will be changed, the dental implants will immediately protect their natural shape. Ensure healthy gum tissue and aesthetics.

Who can fit this option?

  • The patients lost their teeth because of trauma and a few small defects of bone
  • The patients have no inflammation of the soft tissues around the implantation area, obviously, no hurt of gums as well as defects or fracture of the alveolar bone.
  • The patients are unable to do an endodontic treatment.
  • The patients have enough soft tissues around the implantation area to restore the wound after surgery.
  • The patients do not have many infections in the surgical area

Case 2: The early implant

A first implant procedure is recommended to replace an immediate implant in the case the alveolar bone is damaged, and potential risk factors appear. The implant can be performed in the early stage of soft tissue healing, 4-8 weeks after tooth extraction.

The main objectives of this alternative are:

  • Ensure no pathology when placing the implant, reducing the possibility of infection-causing failure if trying to insert the implant immediately
  • Ensure maximum soft tissues for healing in the early stage after surgery.
  • Reduce the contraction of the alveolar bone
  • Shorten treatment time compared with the late implantation

Case 3: The conventional implant

The late implant will be performed 4-6 months after tooth extraction. At this stage, the gums are restored, the wound at the tooth extraction area healed, the alveolar bone grew and matured, creating more favorable conditions to put an implant.

This option is mainly for patients with pathologies at the tooth extraction area, damaged alveolar bones, more inadequate bones. It cannot create the initial stability if the implant is conducted immediately or normally.

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