How to Care For Your Porcelain Veneers

No special or complex care is required for veneers. However, to keep your veneers bright, durable, and beautiful after using, the following five principles should be observed:

Brush and floss your teeth regularly.

Use the right toothbrush to brush at least twice a day, then dental floss once a day and rinse your mouth with salt wateror antiseptic mouthwash. Poor oral hygiene may lead to gum diseases such as receding gums, exposing the borders of veneers, and putting them at risk of chipping or detachment (although this case is rarely)

Do not bit into tough items or objects.

Although your veneers are made of durable and strong materials, it does not mean that you can try using your teeth to open the bottle cap orbit into tough objects or foods. This may cause your veneers are broken, more extremely dangerous these cannot be changed or replaced by new ones.

Choose food carefully

The rule against biting hard stuff also applies to food, such as bones, ice or raw carrots, raw apples. Apart from that, you should be wary of foods that contain a lot of acid or sugar. These items not only contribute to tooth decay but also cannot be suitable for your veneers either. Avoid sweet food and sugary drinks like carbonated soda and fruit juice. Watch what you eat to make sure that your veneers are working well.

Avoid alcoholic drinks, coffee, and cigarette

Indeed, veneers have the sustainability of staining. However, that does not mean you are free to drink an alcoholic beverage and coffee and cigarette – “effects” of stained teeth and discoloration, lack aesthetics. Many people do not make all aesthetic porcelain veneer teeth; eight front teeth only in common.

Hence, it is possible these substances do not impact on veneers, but they contribute to staining the remaining teeth. As a result, you feel embarrassed because of the large different color between veneers and the remaining ones. To overcome that situation, you may have to attach a new one again or consider other cosmetic dental options.

Visit your dentist regularly.

Routine dental checkups are a must for people who want to have a beautiful and healthy tooth. You should see your dentist roughly every six months to ensure that any potential problems related to your oral health, primarily veneers, are found and quickly resolved before they become unchanged or fixed. Remember that you pay an amount of expense relative to get the perfect tooth and ten-year or more lifespan.

Why do you not take careful and full care of your veneers by regularly visiting your doctor? The dentist will also use the dental tools to polish the veneers; therefore, it is possible to maintain your bright and white veneers.

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