How to Fill Gap Between The Teeth – Fix Front Teeth Gap

To fill sparse teeth, you must be treated scientifically. First, it is necessary to cure dental problems such as periodontitis, change daily oral hygiene habits. Afterward, some common treatments could be considered, for instance, orthodontics, all-porcelain restoration, or dental veneers. It would be best if you ask your dentist for advice on the most suitable solution.

Solution of Orthodontics

Using a metal brace attached to the tooth surface or clear aligners: Moving teeth with external forces to the desired location is not only suitable for cases of teeth growing unevenly, crowded but also can solve the problems of large gaps, sparse teeth!


  • It arranges the entire teeth neatly.


  • The period of ortho orthodontics is quite long, usually from 1 to 2 years.

If you have sparse teeth and there is a large gap between all teeth, not just the incisors’ space, you can choose how to do orthodontics.

Solution of Dental Veneer

A minimal amount of the tooth surface is, then a thin porcelain layer is glued up to restore the tooth’s shape, improving the colour. This delicate porcelain layer is called a porcelain veneer. Because it does not cause much damage to natural teeth, it is a preferred restoration solution nowadays.


Dentist Veneer, LN Dental, Dentist Chester Hill

  • Veneers have an excellent aesthetic effect on tooth fluorine infection, light to medium tetracycline-infected teeth, uneven teeth with very little damage to the patient’s teeth.
  • In addition to covering up imperfections, it can also change the color of teeth and help whitening teeth. 
  • It is convenient and quick if you do not want to use orthodontics to narrow the teeth gap. You can have a new smile only within 1-2 weeks.


  • The veneer restoration method is limited to incisors and unable to solve large spaces between premolars and molars.

Therefore, if the incisors gap is large while the other teeth are not of your concern, you can choose the veneer method to make the teeth more even and aesthetic quickly.

Combining Orthodontics and Veneer Solution

For more complex cases, these two methods can combine. The orthodontics will narrow the space between the teeth, whereas using veneers improves each tooth’s shape and color.

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