How We Use Laser Dentistry to Help Improve Your Oral Health

Even though lasers have been around since the 1960s, this is not a piece of equipment found in every dental office. We are proud to offer the precision, accuracy and potential for less pain to patients of our LN Dental Chester Hill.

What Is a Dental Laser?

Many people don’t realize that ‘laser’ is actually an acronym that stands for ‘light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.’ A laser instrument emits a concentrated beam of light energy, which is conducive to performing certain dental procedures. There are lasers that are used for soft tissues such as the gums, as well as hard tissues such as the bone.

How Is Laser Dentistry Used?

The light from a laser dental tool can remove or shape dental tissue, so a soft tissue laser is particularly useful for the following dental procedures:

  • Removing excess gum tissue from a partially exposed wisdom tooth
  • Removing gum tissue that has become inflamed because of periodontal disease
  • Removing muscle attachments that might be restricting use of the tongue or lips
  • Helping to promote healing with ulcerative tissue such as canker sores and cold sores
  • Accelerating the effects of in-chair professional teeth whitening

What Are the Benefits of Dental Lasers?

Laser DentistryPatients benefit most from dental lasers because they minimize discomfort. There is less bleeding during laser treatment so fewer sutures are needed. Surrounding tissue is not as susceptible to damage when lasers are used, so this promotes faster healing times than with traditional dental treatment. The light beam also acts as a sterilizer, which reduces the chance of infection developing.

The only thing better than laser dental treatment is not needing dental treatment at all. So be diligent about preventive dentistry and visit LN Dental Chester Hill at least twice each year for check-ups and cleans. If you are overdue for a dental examination, we warmly welcome new patients to LN Dental Centre.

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