How Your Dentist Can Protect Your Teeth with One Extra Step

We know that cavities can affect children, but did you know that adults are also vulnerable? Tooth decay is an issue that knows no age. Fortunately, your dentist in Chester Hill can take measures to lower your risks, including the application of our safe-for-all-ages fissure sealants.

What Are Fissure Sealants?

Fissure SealantsYour dentist applies a plastic-like coating to your back teeth to protect against tooth decay. The sealant forms a hard but invisible barrier between your tooth and bacteria and tartar especially the small fissures or tiny tooth grooves and it helps prevent tooth decay. We typically apply the fissure sealant to the back teeth only because they are more vulnerable to decay due to chewing. The application is non-invasive and painless, and it can be applied to molars and pre-molars.

How Long to Fissure Sealants Last?

Fissure SealantsSealants can last for several years, but during your routine exams, your dentist or a member of our dental team checks the sealant to make sure it is free from damage. If the sealant is worn, we may recommend adding more or filling in the breaks to help keep your teeth free from cavities.

Other Cavity Fighting Measures

Fissure SealantsFissure sealants alone will not prevent tooth decay and dental health conditions. It is still important to visit your dentist regularly for exams and teeth cleans. Dental check-ups help us note changes between dental visits, including sealant deterioration. Teeth clean helps protect your teeth and gums from oral health conditions. We also recommend not skimping on the at-home brushing and flossing.

With great dental care, an excellent at-home routine, and your fissure sealants, you should be in fantastic shape when it comes to lowering cavity risks.

For Fissure Sealants in Chester Hill, We Encourage Your Call

LN DentalWe think fissure sealants are an excellent way to protect your tooth health. If you would like to book a consult, or if you have questions, we are here to chat. For more information about any of our procedures, please contact us at (02) 9644 1499 or book an appointment today.


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