Is Dental Implant Care Different From Natural Teeth Care?

Implant teeth are designed based on the structure of real teeth. It consists of the root which is an implant implanted in the jawbone, the part of the prosthesis above is connected to the implant through the abutment. These three components are tightly connected to another one like real teeth. So, the implant tooth hygiene must be as clean as real teeth.

Keep good oral hygiene every day

Brush your teeth twice a day and floss to get rid of bacteria and plaque. Drinking enough water helps to prevent bacteria. Limit sweets and sticky foods as much as possible; instead, eat more raw vegetables and fruits.

Quit smoking

Smoking damages the Implant teeth. It can weaken the bone structure, possibly increase inflammation around the implant and promote additional periodontal disease. Smoking also accumulates a lot of tartar, which is both poor at birth and very bad stains.

Avoid too hard and tough food

Hard foods like ice, candy can crack prosthetic teeth and even real teeth.

Use fluoride toothpaste or mouthwash

Implant teeth are very durable, the outstanding point compared to real teeth is that Implant teeth are never decayed. However, plaque can still cling to Implant teeth, affecting gum tissue. So use fluoride toothpaste or mouthwash to minimize tooth decay in real teeth.

Use a good toothbrush

Use an interdental brush, a brush with a long, small tip that slides and cleans between the teeth. This brush helps clean hard-to-reach areas of the Implant teeth. A soft brush should be used

Floss every day

It is difficult for toothbrushes to reach interstitial teeth, which makes the mouth a playground for bacteria, which can lead to dental diseases. Floss daily to remove food debris from between teeth and reduce bad breath.

Visit LN Dental regularly

Cleaning and checking every 6 months can help ensure your implant is in good condition, free from infection. If you notice any problems such as sudden pain or bleeding, you should come to LN Dental right away as it could be a serious problem.

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