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To maximize good esthetics and a white, natural looking smile – your Dentist may recommend either crowns, veneers or onlays to restore your tooth that has been damaged by either tooth decay, staining, or trauma.

We use a state of the art computer assisted design software (TRIOS technology) that allows us to scan your tooth after preparing it, thus allowing the computer to design your crown or onlay chairside. The in-house milling machine then constructs your crown within 15 minutes, and we are then able to cement your crown right away. The whole process start to finish only takes about 1.5 hours and you get your crown on the same day!

  • A crown is a full coverage restoration that entirely replaces the top part of your tooth, essentially acting as a cap for your tooth to restore not only its function but also its natural tooth esthetics. It is available in a full highly advanced ceramic type. Your Dentist will recommend the type of crown that best suits your tooth and overall situation.
  • An onlay is essentially a partial crown that covers part of your tooth. It is made of ceramic tooth coloured materials. Your doctor will recommend an onlay when the damage to your tooth is not too extensive and there is still part of your tooth structure that is still healthy, and restoring it conservatively would make more sense.
  • Veneers are essentially thin slices of ceramic tooth coloured materials that covers the front part of your teeth. Your doctor will recommend a veneer(s) when you don’t like the colour or shape of your front teeth and want a whiter and healthier looking smile. Depending on the cause of the problem, your doctors will recommend either tooth whitening or a veneer.

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