Should You Choose Porcelain Veneers As White As Possible?

Many patients who get porcelain veneers do not know how to choose the right color of veneers? Some people think that the whiter veneers are the better their smile. Some people also say that if veneers are too white, they look like false teeth… So which color of the porcelain veneer is the most suitable? In fact, there is no right answer to this question.

How to choose the right color of porcelain veneers

Everyone’s teeth are different, their aesthetic needs are also different. The color of the porcelain veneer is suitable for this person but not for others. The choice of the color of porcelain veneer depends on many factors such as age, facial features, skin color, and professional needs.

For example, if a patient has a beautiful tooth color, but gaps between the teeth are large, and one tooth size is not harmonious, the person mainly wants to close the interstitial space and make the teeth look natural. The person may not need to choose the color white that is much whiter than other teeth.

There are also cases where patients are working in a foreign company, regularly have meetings with VIP customers, and need high self-image requirements. They hope that their veneers will be white, which are suitable for daily makeup. Thanks to the restoration with porcelain veneers, it looks much more fashionable.

Case 1. It depends on other teeth’ color. If you only need to get 1-2 single veneers, the color options are very limited. You must consider the color of the real teeth next to the teeth in need of the prosthesis. The color should not be too different, but as similar to the real teeth as possible.

Case 2. If you need to get 10-20 veneers teeth in restoration, you can more easily choose the color, in most cases, you can choose the color you like. Many people like the color of veneers are as white as celebrities’ ones, but we don’t recommend you blindly pursue the super-white style. A little tip, you can refer to the white of the eyes, this way helps the color of the teeth and the entire face look more harmonious.

What factors does the color of porcelain veneers depend on?

The final color of veneers is not only dependent on the color of porcelain veneers but also related to other factors such as the color of your teeth, the loss of more or less enamel, the size and proportion of the teeth, type of dental adhesive …

To achieve a cosmetic effect, the doctor must control and overall coordinate these factors. In fact, you do not have to worry too much, just find a doctor with high expertise, good aesthetics, the doctor will know what kind of veneer you should choose.

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