Six Steps To Your Braces Treatment

Dental braces is one of the most widely used methods to improve the health of your teeth, as well as gaining a confident smile. However, getting and maintaining braces can be a nerve-wracking experience for some people, especially when you are not at all familiar with this process. Some might think getting braces are complicated, but we are here to reassure you by giving you a heads-up of what really goes on during dental braces procedure.

There are six stages you need to go through:

1, Initial Consultation and Examination

In the first appointment, you will need to be referred to an orthodontist to examine your overall dental health (this include oral examination, X-ray images examination, consultation about the positioning of the teeth and the jaw using the advanced technology)

2, Case Diagnosis

After getting a referral, the dentist will now examine further the bone structure of the jaw and determine the best plan of action for you. A mould of your teeth will also be made in order to better design your treatment.

3, Setting a treatment plan

A personally designed treatment plan will be set up. Keep in mind that each person will have a different plan based on their age, health conditions etc. You will be advised based on your dental health and personal needs.

4, Calculus Removal

This stage helps clean the surface of your teeth and get rid of any calculus that might harm your teeth. When wearing braces, dental hygiene is going to be more difficult. Other than that, in case your teeth have other damages such as decays or gum disease etc. they will need to be addressed beforehand.

5, Fitting of the brackets and inserting the wire

The brackets will be placed and the wire is then inserted into the bracket. Some people may have other appliances such as jaw expansion, splint, headgears etc.

6, Adjustment of Dental Braces

After the wire has been placed, the dentist will proceed to regularly adjust your braces according to the treatment regimen.
At the conclusion of the treatment, when the teeth have been repositioned as desired, the braces will be removed. A permanent/removable retainer will be given to maintaining teeth position.

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