The Different Types of Dental Veneers

Dental veneers at LN Dental provide an excellent aesthetic solution for people who are not completely satisfied with the appearance of their smile. There are two main veneers: directly and indirectly.

Direct Veneers

To make a direct veneer, the dentist will use a composite layer placed over the tooth’s surface and create a fill that looks like the next tooth most. This type of veneer is also known as composite veneer and has a long-lasting life of 7 years.

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The advantages of a composite veneer are low costs and typically completed in just one dentist’s appointment. However, this recovery type is not durable, broken, and quickly chipped if there is vigorous activity such as healthy chewing or rapid discoloration. Therefore, this type of treatment is only suitable for patients who require immediate veneer with an affordable and low requirement.

Indirect Veneers

The dentist will take a tiny part of the enamel to create space for the veneer. An indirect veneer is made of porcelain material, designed specifically for each patient. It can be classified into the following main categories:

  1. Sintered porcelain (also known as covered porcelain, porcelain, stone wall porcelain): hand-crafted in the form of powder and water. It is the purest porcelain material but the least durable.
  2. Glass porcelain (leucite porcelain, disilicate lithium porcelain)
  3. Oxide Porcelain (zirconia, alumina)

Two types of glass porcelain and oxide porcelain are usually produced in industrial ceramic blocks, heat-pressed or machine-worked (CAD / CAM). As a result, this ceramic is more durable, but the color is not as natural as porcelain veneers.

dental veneers, indirect veneers, veneers, dentist

Indirect veneer or porcelain veneer can significantly improve the color, shape, and messy arrangement of teeth on the jaw arch. Also, porcelain materials are generally highly durable and are not easy staining or chipping. Therefore, most of the cases in cosmetic dentistry use indirect veneers. Each type of porcelain has its advantages and disadvantages, so choosing which type of porcelain will depend entirely on your dentist.

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