Tooth Restoring At LN Dental Chester Hill, NSW

If you have a tooth that needs a repair, your dentist at LN Dental in Chester Hill, NSW is here to help. At LN Dental Centre, our gentle dentists want you to have a comfortable and healthy smile, which is why we offer tooth restorations in Chester Hill, NSW.

Reasons You Might Need a Tooth Restored at LN Dental Chester Hill

Teeth may need restoration for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Chipped tooth
  • Cracked tooth
  • Broken tooth
  • Cavities (caries)
  • Trauma due to an accident
  • Root canal treatment

Tooth restoratingThe first step is a dental exam in our dental clinic. Your dentist in at LN Dental examines your troubled tooth and helps you decide the best way to restore it to health. This appointment may require x-rays if no recent or relevant films are on hand.

We will also do everything we can to help you feel relaxed and comfortable during your dental appointment.

How Your Dentist in Chester Hill, NSW May Restore Your Tooth

Dental Crowns

If your tooth is severely cracked, broken, or weak due to trauma or a past root infection, your dentist may suggest a quality dental crown. Dental crowns also work to support a dental bridge or as a replacement tooth atop a dental implant. In many situations, we offer same-day tooth crowns at LN Dental Chester Hill.

dental-crownsInlays and Onlays

For specific fractures, your dentist may suggest inlays or onlays. An inlay covers and restores the fissures of your tooth, but an onlay may cover and protect every cusp.

Inlays and outlays

Bonding and Fillings

Bonding is another option. This method requires your dentist at LN Dental Chester Hill to spread a tooth-coloured composite over the area that needs restoring or reshaping. This same resin can close or fill a tooth cavity following treatment. Composite is a versatile and robust material that may also conceal stubborn discolouration.

bonding & fillings


Veneers at LN Dental Chester Hill are another option if you have a chip or crack in need of concealing. Veneers are thin shells coloured to match your teeth. These shells bond to the fronts of your smile to hide a variety of tooth flaws, including small gaps, discolouration, and mildly crooked teeth.


Why Repairing Your Tooth Is Important

When a tooth is weakened, chipped, or cracked, it may lead to breakage or allow bacteria to enter. In some cases, bacteria can lead to root infection and increase your risks for gum disease. A root infection requires root canal therapy, and gum disease may mean ongoing treatment for you.

If you notice a crack or chip in your tooth, we recommend intervention by a dental professional to diagnose and treat the issue. Your dentist will provide advice on possible treatments.

Tooth restorating

Would You Like to Arrange an Exam for Tooth Restoring at LN Dental Chester Hill, NSW?

If you have a weak, broken, cracked, or flawed tooth, and you would like to consider restoration, we welcome your call. To book an appointment, reach out to the team at LN Dental today! You can get in touch by calling (02) 9644 1499 or filling out a contact form. We’re open from 9 am to 5 pm all seven days of the week, so we’re here if you have a pressing need that needs to be seen.


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