3-D Cone Beam CT Scan

Using 3-D Cone Beam CT Scan at Our Dental Clinic

At LN Dental Centre, we firmly believe in using modern dental technology to improve the care we provide for our patients—and to improve the dental experience for those patients. The use of equipment such as the 3-D cone beam CT scan is just one way we can do this. Not every dental clinic offers this technology, and our patients are always pleased to learn they will not have to be referred elsewhere for this high-tech imaging.

3D scan

If you have questions about 3-D cone beam CT scan or any other dental technology used at our LN Dental Chester Hill, we always welcome your phone calls.

1, What Is 3-D Cone Beam Technology and How Is It Used?

This high-tech piece of equipment is commonly used for diagnostic purposes because it provides extraordinary detail of the jaw structure and teeth. It has become an essential part of the dental implant process because of the precision it offers for determining where to place the implants.

3D scan

With this technology, your dentist can:

  • Perform more accurate treatment because of the high quality of the images
  • Offer patients a way to get less radiation than with other CT equipment
  • Help patients stay relaxed throughout the diagnostic process because scans with this piece of equipment are quick
  • Show patients their anatomy with accuracy that can lead to better understanding of their oral health
  • Provide optimal dental care for patients

With this technology, your LN Dental Chester Hill’s top dentist can precisely plan and virtually perform surgery before it even takes place. It enables your dentist to avoid potential damage to nerves and vital structures of the mouth, allowing for better patient outcomes.

3D scan

2, We Welcome Your Call to Learn More

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