Why Do I Need a Dental Crown After Endodontic Treatment?

When we provide patients with endodontic treatment—also known as root canal therapy—we usually recommend the placement of a dental crown on the affected tooth. The reason for this is that the procedure can leave the tooth brittle since the living tissue has been removed from the tooth root. A dental crown will ensure the tooth is strong enough to withstand the pressure from chewing so you will have full use of your tooth.

The Dental Crown Procedure

A dental crown is a tooth cover, also referred to as a “tooth cap”

A dental crown is a tooth cover, also referred to as a “tooth cap,” that will protect a tooth that has been weakened by a root canal. After the root canal procedure, we will prepare your tooth so it is ready to receive a dental crown. Once the crown is in place, it will blend in perfectly with your natural teeth. You will be able to chew on it normally. Because we use all-ceramic materials, you will have none of the tell-tale grey-colored margins at the bottom of your tooth.

Same-Day Dental Crowns

We can prepare your tooth for the crown then use our computer-assisted design software to fabricate a customized one right here in our dental clinic, so you will not have to come back to us for additional appointments. The milling process will take about 15 minutes, after which time we can place the crown and cement it into place.

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