Why We Recommend a Dental Crown After Root Canal Treatment

Knowing that you need root canal treatment can be nerve-wracking; after all, this is one of the most-feared dental procedures around. The truth, however, is that root canal treatment is fairly common. But rather than being the painful procedure most people fear, it can actually eliminate your toothache and save it from needing extraction.


Something many patients of our LN Dental Chester Hill don’t realize is that they will likely need a dental crown after getting root canal treatment.

1, Root Canal Treatment

When you have an infected tooth root, you will likely have a toothache that quickly goes from mild to severe. It is this pain that usually brings people to the dentist.


The root canal treatment process is fairly straightforward. After completely numbing the area, your dentist will create a tiny hole in the affected tooth. It is through this hole that we will remove the infected material from the tooth root. The area is then cleaned and rinsed with an antibacterial before being filled to protect it from further infection.

2, Getting a Dental Crown After Root Canal Treatment

After we remove the tooth pulp and living tissue from the tooth—which is what happens during a root canal—the remaining tooth structure has a tendency to become brittle. A dental crown, which fits of the affected tooth like a cap, will protect it from fracture. A dental crown will enable your tooth to once again withstand the force of chewing.


Once your tooth has been treated with a root canal and crowned, you can chew with confidence, knowing your restored tooth should last a good long time.

3, Learn More About Dental Crowns and Root Canal Treatment in LN Dental Chester Hill, NSW

Don’t fear tooth-saving root canal treatment. Find out if you need root canal treatment and a dental crown by contacting our LN Dental Chester Hill.

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