Tooth Extraction During Pregnancy

Why You Should Get a Socket Graft with a Tooth Extraction

Whenever possible, we try to save a damaged or severely decayed tooth. However, if a tooth is threatening your oral health, overall wellness and causing you pain, an extraction at LN Dental Chester Hill, NSW may be the best option.

We always make sure you’re relaxed and comfortable during your extraction, and recovery generally means only a day or two of mild discomfort and inflammation.

Tooth Extraction

1, Reasons You May Need a Tooth Extraction at LN Dental Chester Hill, NSW

There are various reasons you may need a tooth extraction:

  • Before orthodontics
  • For full dentures
  • Problematic wisdom teeth
  • Decay or trauma

Tooth Extraction During Pregnancy

Extractions before orthodontics and for troublesome wisdom teeth do not interfere with your oral health or promote bone loss in the jaw. Wisdom teeth—in fact—can complicate your oral health.

However, when a tooth is extracted due to decay or trauma, we strongly recommend tooth replacement to restore your oral health.

2, Why Socket Grafting Is Essential

Unfortunately, when a tooth is removed, the root stops sending nutrients to the jawbone, and you experience bone loss. Additionally, your natural teeth start to move toward this space, which throws off your bite and may lead to cavities and breakage due to wear.

Socket Grafting

Socket grafting is a way to preserve this empty space by keeping the jawbone viable. When you maintain your jawbone through bone grafting, it means you are saving this space—preserving the socket—for a tooth restoration or prosthetic.

Typically, your dentist extracts the tooth and fills the space left by the root with bone substitute or other material to stimulate and preserve the bone. Then it is sutured. This procedure is designed to keep you in candidacy for tooth replacement, specifically a dental implant.

Socket Grafting

3, Tooth Extractions at LN Dental Chester Hill, NSW

If you need a tooth extraction at LN Dental, or if you have questions about socket grafting, we encourage your call.

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